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Welcome to SuDCA

SuDCA Development Consultants (SuDCA) is an agency with vast years of experience in its areas of expertise and built on the expertise of individuals with long-years of experience in key development sectors. SuDCA is a pioneering agency active in meeting the multi-faceted needs of the evolving institutional partnership between government, its traditional partners in international co-operation formed of the duo of donors and NGOs as well as the emerging enhanced interface with the private sector.

 SuDCA works in the horn of Africa with offices in Addis Ababa and Juba in South Sudan.
At SuDCA, client satisfaction through concerted teamwork is a primary product. A focus on product quality and timely delivery is ensured by rigorous staff recruitment and systemic in-house product review. For SuDCA long-term survival in the business has precedence over short-term financial gains. Therefore, it provides uncompromised quality service and respects clients’ deadlines.

Participatory engagement by all parties with direct and in-direct interest in development interventions and facilitation of ease of access between key stakeholders (government, donor, NGOs and private sector) is a core part of our corporate philosophy.

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The author is Abdurahman Idris. E-mail: info@vitsplc.com